Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a professional face painter or body artist?

FABartFX Los Angeles Face Painting
Yes, you will pay more for a professional face painter, but it is definitely worth the investment. At FABartFX our rates are competitive with other local professionals in the greater Los Angeles area and take into consideration high quality materials, training, gas, insurance and advertising, among other costs. We spend hours training and practicing our skills so that we can provide high quality designs. We use top-quality FDA compliant theater make-up (face/ body paint) and cosmetic grade glitter.

What Face Paints Do You Use? How Do They Come Off?
Proper face paints aren't "paint" at all! Only professional, top-quality, water-based FDA-compliant makeup meant for face & body art are used. WE DO NOT USE acrylic, poster, or other craft paints or markers. Although labeled non-toxic (which only applies if you eat the paint), acrylic & craft paints are not approved for use on the skin.

FABartFX Los Angeles Face Painting

All of our paints are professional, cosmetic grade face paints including: TAG, Diamond FX, Snazaroo, Kryolan, Paradise, Wolfe, Mehron, and Ben Nye. These are all FDA compliant, professional products that are safe for use on skin.

No matter which face painter you hire, for the safety of your child and guests, always make sure that they use products that are made for use on skin.

Just like our regular makeup, face paint should come off before bed. It's easily washed off using a dark cloth, mild soap, baby shampoo or make up remover & water. Occasionally a faint residue remains, but there's no need to scrub! Apply some moisturizer or baby oil, wait at least 30 minutes, and wash with soap & water again.

What Glitter or Airbursh Tattoos supplies Do You Use? How Do They Come Off?
Safety is very important to us and we only use cosmetic-grade glitter which is made of polyester (Craft glitter is sharp & can seriously damage eyes). All airbrush inks which we use are cosmetic grade products and design for safe use on the skin. Airbrush and glitter tattoos can be removed with mineral (baby) oil or a heavy lotion. Just soak for a few minutes and gently wipe off. Do not rub.

Do you have more photos?
Yes. Please visit our FaceBook page to see more recent work here:

Have you worked with high profile clients?
Yes. Our artists have experience working with celebrity and other high profile clients and we have no problems signing confidentiality agreements.

How far will you travel?
For local events we typically we will travel up to 30 miles from zip code 90036 in Los Angeles. Locations beyond 5 miles for 90036 may incur a travel fee. We have affiliate artists throughout Southern California and the rest of the United States though our artists are available to travel out of state and abroad as needed.

Do you require a booking fee?
Yes, to reserve your date we require a non-refundable booking fee for private engagements. This booking fee assures that we will hold that date and time for your event. Once your date is booked we turn away other customers for your date and time. Unless a prior agreement has been made, your booking will NOT be final until your booking fee and signed service agreement are received, so please get them in as soon as possible - thanks!

How early should we book you?
Dates are filled on a first come, first served basis, so we encourage you to book early to get the date and time that you want. We encourage you to book your events at least 6-8 weeks prior. Bookings made less than 7 days prior to the event may incur a late booking fee.

What do you need to set up?

For private parties and smaller events, we always bring a chair and a table unless a table is available at the location. Please designate at least a 6'x6' area for us to set up. If the event takes place outdoors, adequate shelter must be provided to protect the artist(s) and their supplies from the elements (sun, rain, wind). Trees are not adequate shelter. For private events if the set up is indoors, a location that is not in the flow of "traffic" which is well lit and ventillated is needed. For airbrush and characters we need access to a power outlet.

For corporate or larger events, in addtion to shelter, a 6 foot table and 3-4 chairs are required.

Do you offer any specials or run promotions?
From time to time we run various promotions on Yelp!, for specific organziations or schools. We also have a "like us" on Facebook promotion where you can enter to win 2 hours of FREE facepainting. Please note that unless otherwise explicitly stated, discounts and promotions are not cumulative and cannot be combined. Only one discount or promotion may be applied to each booking/event.

What types of payment do you accept?
For private events, we accept cash or PayPal, or we can accept a major credit card over the phone. Small convenience fees may apply to credit card and PayPal payments. For corporate events other options may be available.

FABartFX non refundable Booking Fee options

Please do not pay any booking fees before we give you the "go ahead" and confirm that the date/time slot is available.

Are we expected to pay a gratuity?
Tips are never expected but always appreciated for a job well done.

Would you consider donating your services to my organization?

FABartFX Los Angeles Face Painting

This is really a hard one… It's something we are frequently asked, and while we absolutely love contributing toward worthy causes, we must limit the amount of time donated to charities. We choose several charities each year that are close to our hearts, and we am not able to accept additional donated jobs at this time. However, we are willing to work for a reduced rate considering the organization and our schedule. Please fill out our contact form as we respond to each request on a case by case basis!

Are you a clown?
Do you offer anything more than face painting?

We are not trained as a clowns, magicians or in showmanship. Our artists are good with children and adults, friendly and kind but being a clown requires a special kind of talent and professional training. With prior arrangement, we can offer additional products and services that include: fairy wings, wands, favors, crafts and more. Please contact us for more information. Henna artists, Characters and balloon twisters are also available.

What services do you offer?
At this time we offer face & body painting, glitter, mica and airbrush tattoos, and balloon artists. We also book Characters for your parties to provide additional entertainment.

Our services are great for:

Birthday Parties
Night Clubs
Trade shows - Great way to draw more people to your booth!
Wedding Receptions - Let us entertain the kids so that you can enjoy your reception.
Restaurants - Great for kids night or when you want to draw customers on a slow night.
Holiday Parties
Children’s Events
Corporate Events 
Grand Openings - Add to the festivities and draw more customers.
Family Fun Nights
Company Picnics
Company Promotions
Family Reunions/Picnics

Service outside the greater Los Angeles area
If you are looking for face painters in other locations please visit:
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